Gold Collection

The ultimate in luxury and style

Dubai Porcelain created Gold collection of dinnerware that come as a benchmark for any stylish table. Shaped by sophisticated traditional designs and fast-paced trends, the luxury gold collection of dinnerware is made with 24 carat gold. Dubai Porcelain allows you to enjoy your grand dining experience with all your six senses.

While these pieces of art are unified with decorative gold, it gives a new life to contemporary styles. As a result, our porcelain and gold collections of tableware serve a pleasurable taste.

It goes without saying that gold is perfectly suited when it comes to delightful yet grand dining experience. Gold has always been selected for inspiring classics. Dubai Porcelain applies modern classics and arabesque decoration like the warm ‘velvet beige’. Of course, it adds impeccable confidence to your extravagant lifestyle.

Furthermore, there is an extensive collection of tableware that provides the ideal setting for birthday and wedding treats. A plenty of choices of gold dinnerware bring an elegant warm feeling to your home. The interplay between awesome shining gold and mesmerizing designs strike an awe-inspiring contrast. These dinner sets are one of the most comprehensive and artistic collection in the world.

Most importantly, the Gold Collection of plates provides an alluring interplay of perfect geometries. The plates are not only abundantly rich in décor but also leave a plenty of room for a variety of decorations. Hence, it adds a different visual touch to tableware on every occasion.

Be it oriental, traditional, or casual, the Gold Collection of dinner sets suits every occasion. This is because, with its mesmerizing and awesome look, the gold has remained a timeless metal.

Dubai Porcelain is committed to providing fans of porcelain with unlimited opportunities to enjoy delightful and majestic table décor.