Hotel Ware White Ware

Maintaining an excellent reputation of the hotel!

Dubai Porcelain hotel ware collection enjoys an unrivalled reputation in the catering trade all over the world. We offer both excellent quality and designs – the perfect interplay of excellent service on the table. Chefs appreciate creative designs and outstanding quality of our dinnerware as they express the perfect presentation of their culinary expertise. It is true to say that their appetizing cuisines and our creativity in dinnerware design make us a great combination.

Premium porcelain dinnerware

Also known as china, porcelain dinnerware and tableware are crafted from ceramic materials and fired at a very high temperature. As a result, a premium product is manufactured with superb strength, long-lasting durability, and a shining “shell like” quality. Porcelain is a popular worldwide because it offers high-end dinnerware option.

Plus, it also offers a superior white body that is resistant to thermal shock and it is an excellent insulator too. You can shop online all porcelain dinnerware from Dubai Porcelain.

Superior white restaurant dinnerware

White porcelain dinnerware and tableware enhance the presentation of your signature salads, delectable pastas and more with our superb collection. These high-level superior sets give people a truly exquisite dining experience. Although various shades of tableware are available, white wares are most appropriate for a restaurant. Needless to say, white wares are extremely versatile and complementary for any décor.

Finest bon China dinnerware

Bon China is a premium type of porcelain. Although it tends to be more expensive, it is worthy for giving a royal touch to meals. Basically, bon china contains mostly bone ash, while other porcelain wares have variable content.  It is true to say that bone china porcelain dinnerware is meant to rivet tastes of people!