Majestic Collection

Magnificent designs that never go out of fashion

Dubai Porcelain designed its Majestic Collection of high-quality tableware for home d├ęcor, hotels, and restaurants. It comes in plenty of designs, decorations, and combinations. Majestic Collection of Dubai Porcelain has proven workmanship and innovation in the vast luxury selection of dinnerware.

Dubai Porcelain is honored to keep creative designers who create and innovate the best designs in dinnerware. In order to ensure the highest aesthetical value to enhance your experience, Dubai Porcelain puts emphasis on the quality and beautiful designs of all dinnerware. Moreover, our Majestic collection outsmarts the shops in the similar niches in the competitive prices and fast deliveries. It is also important to note that all articles are examined thoroughly before being shipped to our customers.

Our first priority is to provide people with delightfully designed tableware that is shaped by modern trends and sophisticated traditions. Our purpose is to give our customers both expression of their inner ideals and a modern lifestyle. There is an endless collection of majestic dining accessories for homes, hotels, and restaurants. The collection satisfies your graceful zest for life with classic plates, cups, and other accessories suited for every occasion and cuisine.

To give you a heightened experience of delicacy and exclusivity, there is an extensive collection of dinnerware in white, gold, and snow crystals. The collection is ideal for giving your breakfast, lunch and dinner a pleasant atmosphere.

Today Dubai Porcelain is a leading manufacturer in dinnerware collections. Our porcelain services aim at providing our customers with not only elegant and dignified designs but also competitive price tags with our Majestic Collection.